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This product is a high ratio of RFID electronic label products.t25 buy The product of the integration of a variety of RFID RF field and digital technology in the leading technology, using software radio technology, the unique micro power technology,t25 calendar anti collision technology, response protocol, local activation of space access technology patent portfolio, recognition distance 0-80m. Application: parking of vehicles without hand access control; location management system of underground mine personnel;t25 core speed the driving test system; automatic recognition system of motor vehicle electronic license plate; ETC highway electronic toll collection system; and out of bus station "benchmarking" automatic management system; home school school give birth to their peace message system; important meetings and activities of the staff conference report system.t25 calories burned Business unit personnel entry and automatically pass system; City pet tracking and management; wild animal zoo tracking and management; management; base for the power equipment inspection;t25 before and after women gas pipeline, pressure equipment maintenance; high added value product tracking; factory production line process management; storage tray container tracking and management; shipping, shipping, railway and highway in container transportation.

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